Lyttleton, Christchurch, Aotearoa, 2021

I am all the rooms of the house 

Winner of ‘Best Poetry Short’ Dreamers of Dreams Festival, 2020 (A Rada Festival and HOME MCR #homemakers commission)




Hester Ullyart is a UK born writer, actress, director and multi-disciplinary visual artist. Born in Humberside, Northern England, she currently lives and works in New Zealand where she is based in the port town of Lyttelton.

Hester creates uncompromising theatre shows and spoken word works with shapeshifting central performances; often working in close collaboration with other cross-platform artists to bring her contemporary concepts to life. At turns gritty, intimate, musical, vulnerable or explosive, rich worlds are portrayed with wit and disarming lyricism.

Aotearoa collaborations include a modern adaptation of Thornton Wilder’s ‘Our Town’ LAF 2020, dramaturgy and fil performance for Delaney Davidson’s ‘Ship of Dreams’ 2020, Free Theatre’s ‘How Dare You’ 2020, and original film poem  ‘I am all the rooms of the house’- HOME MCR/RADA Fest 2020.

‘I am all the rooms of the house’ – Ullyart’s first foray into film-making featuring words and performance from the artist is available to view at (Winner ‘Best Poetry Short’ Dreamers of Dreams Festival 2020). Just press play on the link.



Hester Ullyart trained at The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. Performed plays include ‘The Ballad of Paragon Station’ (Winner ‘Stellar Outstanding Content’ NZ Fringe, nominated ‘Best in Fringe’,‘Outstanding Solo Performance’) Hull Truck, **** Edinburgh Festival, Heads Up Festival) and ‘Paragon Dreams’ (Hull Truck, *****Yorkshire Post). Her poetry is published in Wild Pressed’s 2019 Young Poets ‘Dark Animals’, Catalyst Literary Arts Journal No. 17 ‘Socially Distant’. She was a finalist for the NZ Poetry Slam Finals 2020. She is appearing on NZ tv screen’s as new lead Rosa in series two of ‘One Lane Bridge’ later in the year. Follow her at @hesterullyartpoetry on Instagram for hot off the press poems straight from the heart.

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