Love in the Time of COVID

A Chronicle of a Pandemic



The project’s aim is to offer an unprecedented opportunity for voices all over the world to share, in quality fiction and non-fiction, poetry and dialogue, art and music and more, the collective experiences of the international community during COVID.

This is a space for us to meet: to sing of our pains and fears under lockdown; to make enquries not just into a pandemic but the consequential cracks in our societies as police brutality has increased and borders have closed to migrants; to examine love, anger and aroha; to laugh together at the small illuminating moments when we affirm our common humanity.

We welcome submissions for website content to build this community, as well as submissions for an anthology in 2021/22.

Online content

We look forward to sharing poetry, story, nonfiction, dialogue and interviews, as well as painting, visual art, photography, music (video or audio) and more. We hope this is a place to bring voices together – collaborations are encouraged.

Content will not be limited to the pandemic; rather, it will range in topic and form around the matters of our lives, whether political, social, economic, spiritual and/or educational. This will be a ‘snapshot’ of our lives in 2020 – the year which, during the lockdown structure of the pandemic, other crises have seemed to reach a boiling point and a new urgency has been born. The questions we will ask will be around how we cope, and how we hope.

Please see the Submissions page for how to submit, or contact us with any questions:

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