Baltimore, Maryland, USA, 2021

This painting brings peace and connectedness to nature.  It gives strength and hope.  The pandemic has affected all of our lives.  In some cases, people with disabilities have been disproportionately affected.  Stacey Milbern, who founded the Disability Justice Culture Club, calls for “collective action and collective commitment” in response to the pandemic and always.  “Often times,” she declares, “disabled people have the solutions that society needs” and “Interdependence is going to be what saves us.”

When asked how are we human, how do we connect, how do we find hope and optimism no matter what, Crystal’s response forms a spontaneous poem:

I love family, friends, nature, sunsets and full moons at night.

Long hugs, no rushing…move slowly, miss nothing.

Routine makes me feel good, it’s everything, it gives me balance.  Like taking a ride on a boat. I love

the calm, no rocking.

Love just a little on my plate.

One small step…

Beautiful music makes me dance. Theater brings so much joy.

I believe God is with me.  I can feel it.

I believe the sun will come out tomorrow.


Crystal Lynn Wagner is a young artist with Down’s Syndrome. She loves art, music, theater, bowling and Camp Glow.   She has a brother, Michael and sister-in-law Tracey who live in Delmar, Maryland.  Crystal lives with her parents in Perry Hall, Maryland. Presently, she attends The Arc Baltimore Zoom classes during the Covid outbreak.