Auckland, Aotearoa, November 2020





Jun Bin Lee, a Chinese Malaysian who moved to New Zealand 15 years ago, is a musician, composer, theatre-maker and engineer. Jun Bin has experience working with the community from a diverse background, and his works often feature diverse musical instruments and languages. Jun also seeks to blend creative works with social advocacy works. ‘A Fundamentally Flawed Love Story’ is Jun’s latest musical that raise awareness about family violence from the lens of the migrant communities. Jun Bin has also composed and directed three fringe shows, including Auckland Fringe in 2013 & 2017, and Taipei Fringe in 2017.

Michael Ma is a Kiwi Chinese who was born in Taiwan, then bred down south since the age of 9 in Hamilton, New Zealand. He is a man of IT from 9 to 5, but at any other time he is a singer and a loving father of two. Besides working and spending time with his family, Michael also involves himself in local singing performances, wedding gigs and small-scale musicals, as well as vocal mentoring in competitions such as The Voice of China.