I wrote and photographed this during lock down for my children’s and my own amusement.  It is a light hearted labour of love on love…  love of the other, love of the self and love of life.

Care Bear

In a small house in a small valley on a small island lived a bear.
Sadly, he was a stick-him-up-there-out-of-my-hair-bear.
A who-care’s-where-bear.
An it’s-not-fair-bear.

But one day he heard someone say something
about something somebody said.
“We must all stay home now, not roam about.
For four whole weeks we must not go out.
It’s very important to obey this rule.
No Travel. No Work. No School?!”

She looked at me lying there,
picked me up, gave me a stare.
“I’ve got something for you to do,
we’ll put you out to enjoy the view.
You can wave at the children as they pass.
Better you’re outside than behind glass.”

I’m sitting outside, the rain is falling,
and I can hear small children calling.
Some are splashing through the puddles –
I wish that I could give them cuddles.
But I have heard someone say
we must stay In our bubbles.

Bear in Bubble

And so … Bear thought on the ways time might go.  Decided collectively to go with the flow.  To see what might come of self-exploration, intrepidly done from the home station.


Banjo Bear and Ball Bear



Benchin’ It Bear (80s-style) and Bend It Like Beckham Bear



Brainy Bear and Fairy Bear



Hoedown Bear and Lumberjack Bear



Sunnybear and Bad Habit Bear



Asana Bear and Poi E Bear



Lady Gaga Bear and Bikin’ It Bear


Poet Laureate Bear and There’s No Place Like Home Bear


S J Mannion is an Irish writer living in New Zealand.

When she can she writes, when she can’t she reads.

In between she ukuleles.